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The matters of arrival and residence of the foreign nationals on the territory of Russian Federation in St.Petersburg Polytechnic University are regulated by the Migration Service of the University.




To obtain a visa a foreign national must apply to a diplomatic or consular mission of Russian Federation personally or through his duly authorized representative and submit the following documents:

  • main document identifying the foreign citizen or the stateless person,
  • completed visa application with one photo
  • photo 3 × 4 cm
  • medical insurance policy, unless otherwise stipulated by the international agreements of the Russian Federation
  • if the foreign national applies for an over three months period visa, he must additionally submit an HIV infection certificate


Based on invitations executed by Federal Migration Service offices, ordinary visas of following kinds are issued:

  • private;
  • business;
  • humanitarian;
  • student;
  • working.


To obtain "Student Visa" applicants should receive from the University an official "Entrance Invitation to Russian Federation" issued by the St.Petersburg and Leningrad region Federal Migration Service.


Student visa contains the following data:

  • family name and given name (in Roman and Cyrillic characters),
  • date of birth,
  • gender, nationality (citizenship),
  • document number (main document identifying the foreign citizen or the stateless person),
  • visa issuance date,
  • allowed duration of stay in the Russian Federation,
  • invitation number,
  • validity period of the visa (it should correspond to the "Entrance Invitation to Russian Federation"),
  • purpose of the trip "education", "post-graduate study", "internship", "courses", "training",
  • name of the University (for example St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University)
  • data about the inviting organization,
  • number of entries (one entry, two entries, multiple entries)
  • a student must enter (arrive) the University according to the deadlines specified in the Invitation letter to study at SPbSPU, and committed not less than 10 days before visa expiry


An ordinary Student visa is issued for up to one year period to foreign national entering the Russian Federation in order to study at an educational institution.


Attention! Entrants who apply for a "tourist visa" has no right to study and register in SPbPU!





When crossing the borders of the Russian Federation one have to get and to fill in a migtration card.


Migration card forms are issued to foreign nationals who enter the Russian Federation by:

  • crew members of aircraft, sea or river vessel – while travelling by air (sea, river);
  • train crew members – while travelling by train;
  • drivers – while travelling public road transport (buses);
  • Officials customs control – while travelling by personal (private) transport or on foot.


It is allowed to fill in migration card forms directly in the arrival halls of airports (sea and river ports, auto transition) before the border control.


Arrival and Departure parts of the Migration Card (coupons "A" and "B") should be filled in clearly, without blots and corrections by black, blue or purple pen personally by the holder of the document that gives the right to arrive and stay on territory of the Russian Federation.


In case foreign national does not know Russian, it is allowed to fill in the information about himself in Roman letters according to the data of his passport or other document, proving his identity.


  • The Border Control Officer at the entrance to the Russian Federation takes the comleted Arrival part of the Migration Card (coupon "A") with entry marks.
  • Foreign national keep completed Departure part of the Migration Card (coupons "B") with marks of entry during the period of his stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and submit it to the Border Control Officer while passing departure passport control procedure.


On arrival in Russia it is necessary to register and get notification form of the arrival of a foreign national in the place of residence within 3 business days.


Foreign national can do these procedures in SPbPU Migration Service. In case he do it himself with the help of his relatives residing in Russian Federation he is obliged to report about his registration and getting notification form of the arrival within 7 days and submit notification form to SPbPU Migration Service.


In case of a late migration registration penalty is charged (penalty is from 5000 roubles and deportation).



WHILE STAYING ON THE TERRITORY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, a student is obliged to watch his documents and comply with all the rules of a foreign national staying on the territory of Russia.


  • In case of a damage or a loss of a passport, migration card or notification form a foreign national is obliged to notify SPbPU Migration Service within 3 days.
  • 20 days before the end of the migration registration and the previous visa student is obliged to issue or prolong multiple visa at the Migration Service of the University.
  • If the foreign national has violated the rules of migration registration control (e.g. applied to prolong migration registration and issue a new visa in the last day or later), he will leave to his homeland upon the court decision by transit visa with the payment of an administrative penalty of 2000 - 5000 roubles or he will banished from the Russian Federation without the right to enter the territory of Russian Federation for 5 years.
  • If a student has left the Russian Federation on vacation or visited another city in Russia, he obliged to inform SPbPU Migration Service and issue a new migration registration within 3 days.
  • If a student has visited a hotel in St.Petersburg or in other Russian citiy, and he gave his passport at the reception, he is obliged to inform SPbSPU Migration Service and issue a new migration registration within 3 days.
  • Accommodation is possible in the University dormitories as well as by private addresses (if there is the lease of a residental space). The migration registration is made only by Migration Service of the University anyway.





  1.  After graduation the student must go home on a transit visa
  2. If the student is dismissed from the University for:
  • academic failure,
  • breach of contract,
  • personal reasons (statement),
  • health, etc.


The student is issued a transit visa. The student’s registration in the Russian Federation will be shortened on the basis of paragraph 3 of Article 5 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 25.07.2002 № 115 -FZ "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation."


For transit visa and to get the approval of the departure dates from the University migration service the student must have a ticket to his homeland. The transit visa is prepared within at least 10 days.


  1. In case of an academic leave the student should make a transit visa.


According to Section 3 of Article 31 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 25.07.2002 № 115 - FZ "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation" in case of failure to leave the Russian Federation within the specified period the student will be deported from the Russian Federation and it will be forbidden to enter the territory of the Russian Federation within 5 years.


Contact Information:

Grazhdansky 28, 195220 St.Petersburg, Russia

SPbPU Migration Service, room 112, 113

Phone: +7 (812) 534-32-22

E-mail: [email protected]