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  • * All sections to be completed in BLOCK LETTERS.
  • * Enclose one set of supporting (academic) documents with this Application form.
  • * All documents must be certified.
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  • Educational background:
    Please, list secondary schools, colleges, universities and other schools you have attended.
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    Years of attendance
    Degree or diploma received
    California Secondary School (USA) 1996 - 1999 School leaving certificate
    South California university (USA) 1999 - 2003 Bachelor degree in the field of computer science
    South California university (USA) 2003 - 2005 Master degree in computer science
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  • SPbSPU program wanted
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  • Non-degree program:
    University foundation program
    Russian language study program
    Inclusive courses
    Semester program in English
    Summer and winter schools
    Research internships
    Professional trainings
    Tailored program
  • Program name/field of study:
  • Courses:
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  • Additional information
  • Here you can write any information concerning your skills and interests or your questions to Admission office:
  • Link your photo and documents:
  • On receiving this information SPbSPU will send you invitation to come to Russia on a student visa. Students accepted for study may obtain a student visa at the nearest Russian Federation Consulate.
  • If you are thinking of studying abroad, you should consider St. Petersburg, Russia. We would be pleased to welcome you to St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University!
  • St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University,
    Institute of International Educational Programs
    28 Grazhdansky pr., St. Petersburg, 195220 Russia,
    Fax: 7(812)534-13-65
    Phone: 7(812)534-74-63