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 The European Diploma Supplement


When recognizing diplomas from the Russian Federation abroad for further education and/or employment there is often a necessity to have a certificate containing detailed information about the received qualifications of graduates in generally comprehensible terms and units of credit system. This information cannot be found in Russian state-recognized diploma supplements.

UNESCO together with the Council of Europe and the European Commission developed a form of the detailed Diploma Supplement. In Russia the issue of such supplements is optional. However, to help its graduates, St.Petersburg Polytechnic University began to issue such supplements at the request of graduates in order to promote recognition of diplomas of the university abroad.

European Diploma Supplement DOES NOT substitute the Russian one, it only amplifies it.

The European Diploma Supplement can be given to graduates of the Polytechnical University of 2002 and the following years. The graduates of previous years can also be given the possibility to receive such a supplement in a special proceeding.

The European Diploma Supplement can be given to Russian as well as to international graduates of the Polytechnic University.

The European Diploma Supplement can be given with any educational credentials that have been received at the university. It can be written in English or/and in Russian depending on graduates’ request.

You can load a blank of the SPbPU Diploma Supplement here.

Recognition of International Credentials

In accordance with international obligations of Russia and the Russian legislation all credentials issued by foreign states to those people who want to be trained or work at the university (regardless of their nationality), have to undergo the recognition procedure. Such right is provided to SPbSPU by the Law "About Education in the Russian Federation" from 29.12.2012 No. 273-FL as to the national research university. Now the final decision on recognition is made by our university. Therefore there is no need to go to Moscow in order to receive recognition of such credentials.

For detailed information and all questions, please contact  Center of Estimation of Documents on Education www.edudoc.spbstu.ru


For all questions concerning cost, the procedure and terms of issue of the European Diploma Supplement, evaluation and legalization, please contact the specialists of the Center.

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