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August 19 – September 08, 2013


WHERE? St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University, one of the oldest and prestigious institutions of higher education in Saint-Petersburg, offers a Summer School ''Civil engineering and design'' in the city inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its architecture.

The summer module ''Civil Engineering and Design'' aims at gaining professional competences in the field of building information modeling and computer visualization as well as development of creative thinking and non-standard approach application. The program is oriented on international students, whose major is Civil Engineering, Architecture, Art and Design, Information Technologies and Design.


Summer program consists of 4 courses: 

  • Building Information Models: general ideas and problems
  • Visualization and Computer Design
  • Russian civilization and architecture
  • Russian language

Upon successful program completion students will receive SPSPU certificate.

WHY? The program is carried out by very experienced, highly qualified professors. Interactive training methods, field trips and group discussions are used to activate students’ involvement. For the case studies student are offered the most beautiful and famous sites of St.Petersburg. Cultural program and leisure activities are integrated into the program. Students are offered to participate in night boat city tour, Hermitage excursion, Pavlovsk, Pushkin or Peterhof tour, picnic at the seashore of the Gulf of Finland.


AND FINALLY… we welcome students to come to a wonderful city of St.Petersburg. St.Petersburg is the cultural heart of Russia as well as a major trade gateway, financial and industrial centre. Studying in St.Petersburg is a great experience which will contribute significantly to the student’s future success.




Program Dates:

August 17-18, 2013
Classes: August 19 – September 8, 2013
Departure: September 9-10, 2013


Target group: International students


Language requirements: good command of English. Knowledge of the Russian language is not required. All classes and out-of-class activities are conducted in English.


Teachers: Professors from St.Petersburg Polytechnical University; visiting professors.


Teaching methods: lectures, case studies, group discussions, field trip and company visit


ECTS credits: 5


Participation fee: 1260 Euro (including academic fees, study materials, accommodation, company visits, cultural program, welcoming party and picnic)



Deadline for registration: May 31, 2013


Building Information Modeling

The course introduces the basics of the BIM (Building Information Modeling), its conception, available software and ways to use this technology in real work process.

This course discusses how BIM provides contractors with the benefit of improved visualization of a construction project through the use of a 3D virtual model, establish a base of knowledge of BIM terminology and look at the benefits of BIM and case studies showing implementation before encouraging participants to study how they could implement BIM. Students do not only acquire a profound professional and methodical education but also the communication skills and cross-cultural experience necessary for future international management posts. The BIM program contains not only general BIM conception, but also its problems, solutions, ways to use and comparison of main software available today, and real experience of using it: Autodesk Revit – world-leading BIM platform, allowing create and manage projects faster and more economically; SCAD – top Russian software for building structural analysis; SOFiSTiK– complex and strong solution for Finite Element Analysis, able to calculate most complex systems. Each project member can retrieve information from one coordinated database – any views (plans, sections, 3Ds, …), schedules, clash analysis.

The course is based on a real experience of BIM implementation in leading Russian’s project and construction companies, BIM software teaching.

The lectures cover the essential features BIM modeling and leading software. In addition to the classroom discussions students will have an opportunity to visit one of the biggest project companies of Saint-Petersburg.


Visualization and Computer Design

The course introduces to the basics of CAD technologies (3D modeling and animation) and also helps to acquire skills in spatial drawing and sketching.

It consists of 2 blocks: sketching and computer visualization. During the short sketching class, the students are given theoretical basis of perspective drawing and produce a series of sketches of a building. These sketches are developed further during the Computer Design studies which include basics of three-dimensional computer modeling, animation and stereo-graphics. Students get to know the software (3dsmax or Maya) and focus on modeling, animation and visualization of an architectural model from the sketches developed during drawing class. The work is done in teams and each participant is responsible for creating a part of a more complex 3D model. Final assessment includes presentations from each team.

The course is based on the facilities of IT in design department of SPbSPU which include fast rendering clusters and stereo-projectors.

Russian Civilization and Architecture

The main purpose of the course is to acquaint students with the principal trends of Russian architecture in a historical context.

The course introduces the history of building of St. Petersburg, the main architectural styles, outstanding architectural objects and their architects. The course introduced the basic geological, hydrological and geo-political terms and preconditions for the construction of St. Petersburg, the main building stages - the city basis, the first buildings, building periods. Supposed to study the most famous architects who participated in the construction of the city, the classification of architectural styles of St. Petersburg; the most outstanding architectural monuments - palaces, cathedrals, churches, bridges, the areas, museums. The course also includes a discussion of contemporary issues of historic buildings. Along with the theoretical classes student had a long open-air class during which they walked with the professor around the city and studied the architectural features of the buildings of Saint-Petersburg.

Russian Language

Students will be divided into groups depending on the entrance test results according to their level of knowledge. By the end of the course students will improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students improved their understanding of Russian native speakers (in the bounds of the covered lexical and grammar material); to maintain dialogues on particular topics using words and grammar studied. Grammar and words are practiced through various types of exercises (written and oral), dialogues and texts, which employ the most frequently used phrases and words in a variety of everyday contexts.  





IIEP does its best to create comfortable conditions of life for the international students. International students live in the student dormitory. Student dormitory is a semidetached building to IIEP. Compartments comprise 2 double rooms with shared facilities: a small kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet.


All apartments are equipped with a bed, bedside table, desk, chairs, wardrobe, curtains, and bed clothes (includ. mattress, blanket, pillow, sheets, pillow cases). Kitchen contains electric hot board, refrigerator, kitchen table, and stools. Most rooms have technical capacity for fixed Internet connection.


Application procedure:

To apply for the program it is required to send the following documents:
• Application form
• Copy of international passport
• CV
• Motivation letter
• English language skills-proving certificate


Application forms could be requested by e-mail [email protected]


Contact person:

Olga Krylova
, International Coordinator,
Department of International Educational Programs
28, Grazhdanskii pr., St.Petersburg, 195220, RUSSIA
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +7 812 534 2531
Fax: +7 812 534 1365