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In summer 2012 we offer our students a number of excursions for extra price.
Saint-Petersburg is famous all over the world not only for its marvelous palaces, monuments and museums, but also for its beautiful surroundings. The former Royal summer residences still delight the citizens and the guests of St.Petersburg. We suggest that you take a guided tour to magnificent Petersburg suburbs and nearby sights.



Pushkin and Pavlovsk are famous for their palaces and park ensembles. In Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) you will visit one of the most rich and beautiful palaces — Palace of Russian Empress Catherine the Great. The culmination of this excursion will be visiting Amber Room — pearl of the Palace, beside the others splendid halls and boudoirs as well as park around the Palace. Dating from the late 18th to the 19th century, Pavlovsk was a summer residence of the Russian emperor Paul I and his family. We offer one day bus excursion with visiting Palace of Catherine the Great and Pavlovsk Palace and surrounding parks.


Peterhof is a jewel of the Russian art, a town of parks, palaces, and fountains. In the past it used to be an exquisite summer residence of Russian tsars. Verkhniy (Upper) Garden and Nizhniy (Lower) Park, genuine masterpieces of landscape design, number over 150 fountains, 4 monumental cascades. It is sometimes called the «Russian Versailles». We offer one day bus excursion with visiting Grand Palace and Park.


Staraya Ladoga – village on the bank of River Volhov founded in 753. It is the ancient capital of Northern Russia. Until 950, it was one of the most important trading ports of Eastern Europe. The excursion includes one-day bus trip with visiting the Fortress, St. George Cathedral, dating back to the 12th century and representing ancient frescoes, and kurgans (mounds of earth and stones raised over a graves).


Moscow - capital of Russia. Within over 850 years of its history Moscow has developed into the one of the largest cities of the world with a territory of almost 1000 sq. km and a population of about 11 million. It is the economic, political and cultural centre of Russia, the seat of the Russian government. Moscow is famous for its architectural and cultural monuments of world significance: the Kremlin (15-17th centuries) – the former residence of the Russian tzars is considered to be one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles in the world, the St.Basil`s Cathedral (1551-1561) – the masterpiece of Russian architecture is located on the Red Square. Moscow is well-known thanks to its theatres and museums. The Bolshoy Theatre (1776), the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Historical Museum, the ancient estate Kolomenskoye (14th century) – one of the residences of the Russian princes and tsars, the Kuskovo estate (18th century) are among them.