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July 09 – July 20, 2012



  • Make students dive deeply into the ambience of event/place/community
  • See and learn the world and people around by means of photography
  • Take shots of people being open minded and freely communicate with them
  • Get the feeling of representing the information in a very personal way



During the course we are talking about composition, angle, speed and color in photography. Using these instruments we learn how to make our pictures conscious reflecting the world around. We touch the theme of communicating with people so that we can gain knowledge and share experiences through the photography. The main idea of the course is to enrich your inner world by means of the eyes and at the same time put all your individual nature into the picture. We try to make the real photo story so that it tells the most interesting things in the most natural way.



Teaching and learning methods

  • Lections – history of photography, artistic and technique aspects of photography, worldwide famous authors and their works
  • Outside working – working on reporting and genre photography. Each time we’re taking part in cultural events/festivals, going to unusual places
  • Workshops – discussing the shots taken during the tasks, choosing the best ones
  • Technique classes – a few lessons dedicated to the questions of retouch and color correction in Photoshop
  • Documentary club – watching the worldwide documentaries



Examples of themes we take during the course

  • The community of artists living in a village in the nearby of St Petersburg
  • Annual folk festival
  • The underground life of St Petersburg
  • The ceramics factory



  • Any digital SLR Camera
  • Basic knowledge of technical specification of the camera
  • Laptop with installed Adobe Photoshop




ECTS Credits: 3

Assessment: Photo story project

Participation fee: 410 Euro


Deadline for applications: April 15 (for non-EU citizens)

                                           May 15 (for EU citizens and citizens of visa-free countries)


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The academic module is coordinated by the Department of International Educational Programs.
[email protected]