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July 09 – July 20, 2012



Within the module you will gain the knowledge about Russian business, culture, identity, national history, government, customs, traditions, you’ll visit «Baltica» brewery company, while extra academic activities will bring you into inner life of Russian Cultural Capital.


Courses ECTS credits
Doing Business in Russia 1.5 ECTS
Russian Civilization 0.5 ECTS
Russian Language 1.5 ECTS












This course is aimed at giving students information about business environment in Russia as a whole, major markets and industries, main investors, at explaining the major trends of Russia’s political, economic and social development.



The course’s main goal is to give students a coherent knowledge of Russia’s historical background relevant to its realities of the last decades, to analyze the major lines of the country’s transformation theory and features of its practical implementation at the last stages of the Communist experiment and post-Communist chaotic dismantlement of the country, to disclose and evaluate achievements and failures of ultra-liberal recipes for the post-Communist modernization and its most prominent features, thus contributing for better understanding of Russia’s present stage of development.



Students are divided into groups depending on the entrance test results. By the end of the course students should improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students will be able to improve their understanding of Russian native speakers (in the bounds of the covered lexical and grammar material); to maintain dialogues on particular topics using words and grammar studied.


Included cultural activities

  • Night city tour and party on the boat
  • Picnic on the beach of the Gulf of Finland



ECTS Credits: 3.5


Participation fee: 370 Euro


Deadline for applications: April 15 (for non-EU citizens)

                                            May 15 (for EU citizens and citizens of visa-free countries)



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The academic module is organized by the Department of International Educational Programs.
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