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Scientifically-educational Center "Schlumberger-Polytechnic" has been opened in June, 2008. Its creation became the result of long-term cooperation between SPbSPU and "Schlumberger" company.

The Center’s aim is expansion of mutually advantageous partnership between the university and the company for realization of scientific and educational projects in various directions of science and technics.


The Schlumberger company is the world leader in the field of technologies for the oil and gas industry. It renders services in search and investigation of deposits, drilling and measurements of parameters of process of drilling, an estimation of parameters of a layer, service of chinks, closing of chinks and to the control over extraction. Company’s representations are opened more than in 100 countries of the world.


Cooperation between Schlumberger and SPbSPU proceeds more than 10 years. In this time:

  • a number of researches in the field of optoelectronics and radio physical methods of diagnostics of surfaces are executed,
  • specialized mathematical models are developed and calculations of durabilities of difficult designs are carried out,
  • programs of target preparation of experts for the company at physicomechanical, radio physical and electro-mechanical faculties are realized.


Contact information:

Director of the Center:
Denis B. Akhmetov  
Tel.: +7(812) 329-47-44
e-mail: [email protected]  

Address: 195220, Russia, St.Petersburg, Grazhdansky 28, IIEP, room 213