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Bachelor Degree profiles: "European Studies", "Asian Studies"
Master Degree programs: "The Nordic countries", "China"


Duration of studies:

• Bachelor Degree - 4 years

• Master Degree - 2 years


Students, who are educated in the field of study "International Regional Studies", have opportunities to study history and social anthropology, religion, language and culture, economic and political structure of the region, one of the countries or group of countries.


Alumni will be in charge of developing practical recommendations on different issues such as regional and international policies, scientific, educational, informational and cultural exchange, trade-economic cooperation, etc.


Core subjects:


• English and Finnish languages

• or English and Swedish languages

 • or English and Spanish languages

• or English and Chinese languages

• History of Russia, Europe, North America, Asia, Africa

• Political science, history of culture

• Philosophy, sociology

• Economics, mathematics and computing

• World politics, diplomacy

• Regional and international institutions

• Documentation of International Organizations

• Global integration processes


Career opportunities:

Career opportunities exist in areas as diverse as foreign services, international agencies, multinational corporations; referents, experts, consulting in area of international relations; interpreters in governmental, scientific, and educational institutions in Russia.

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Information brochure on the profile "International Regional Studies"
Information brochure on the profile "International Regional Studies" (in chinese)