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St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University  - one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Russia. For many decades the university has a successful international cooperation in education and science with many foreign universities, research institutions and industrial companies.

Cooperation agreements with universities, research organizations and firms are among the most effective forms of collaboration of scientists of the Polytechnic and foreign experts.


List of university partners in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America, research organizations and industry partners can be found at SPbPU website.

University works with partner companies and higher education institutions on international students recrutment:


1. Companies 

  • «Center for Russia-China Cultural and Educational Cooperation» (China)
  • «Russia-China Foundation for Culture and Education» (China)
  • «Beijing JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service» (China)
  • «Asociacion Latinoamericana Rusa (ALAR)» (Peru)
  • Ltd «Leto» (China)
  • Ltd «Eastern Union» (China)
  • «South Central University of Forestry and Technology»
  • «Normal University of South China» (China)
  • «Zhejiang University» (China)
  • «Beijing University of Technology» (China)
  • University Binh Duong (Viet Nam)

2. Partners of
Educational Program "International Business Semester"




Departments IIEP SPbSPU also active joint research and educational work with the leading Russian and foreign universities, companies and research organizations.


Partners of Department of International Cooperation Management


  • Institute of International Education, Stockholm University (Sweden)
  • Department of Higher School Management, Republican Institute of Higher School, Belarus State University (Belarus) Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)
  • Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education, UFFIC (The Netherlands)
  • University of Innsbruck (Austria)
  • University of Genoa (Italy)
  • University of Milan (Italy)
  • Center for Studying Russian and Soviet Culture, Bochum University of Applied Sciences, (Germany)


Partners of Department of International Relations


  • University of Tampere - Taampereen yliopisto (Finland) 
  • Linguistic Center of the University of Tampere (Finland) 
  • Higher Vocational School of Saimaa (Finland) 
  • Higher Vocational School of Kymenlaakso (Finland) 
  • Higher Vocational School g.Kayani (Finland)
  • Mälardalen University (Sweden) 
  • Malgomayskulan gymnasium, Wilhelmina (Sweden)
  • Forestry University, Changsha (China)
  • Technical University, Changsha (China) 
  • South Pedagogical University, Guangzhou (China) 
  • Zhejiang University (China)
  • University of Chengdu (China)