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Students and staff of the Institute take an active part in scientific activity, including participation in different research and development programs and projects. Annually more than 20 students study on the PhD and doctoral programs.


Scientific research of the Institute departments and educational centers are focused on the following directions:


  • Adaptive methods of computational mathematics and mechanics.
  • Technologies of three-dimensional modeling and visualization.
  • Turbulence simulation.
  • Computational fluid dynamics.
  • Development of effective (accurate and cost) numerical algorithms for solving computational fluid dynamics and acoustics.
  • Theory of distributed artificial intelligence and cognitive control systems for industrial automation tasks and control in complex systems.
  • Design of intelligent tutoring systems based on modular and flexible conceptual objects atlases.
  • Visual design of corporate knowledge data based on ontologies.
  • Physical and technical problems of thermoelectric power.
  • Spectroscopy of intermolecular energy exchange.
  • Mechanisms of motor skills musculoskeletal rights control based on the use of mathematical models and biomechanical computer simulations.
  • Neural networks in the management of anthropomorphic mechanisms for incomplete information about the signals of surface electromyograms of muscular-skeletal system.
  • International economic relations.
  • Theory of international and regional organizations.
  • Modern issues of the international activities of educational institutions.
  • Internationalization of education.
  • Legal regulation of international activities of educational institutions.
  • Lingvo-didactic basics of Russian language training as foreign language.
  • Pedagogical aspects of international students training.
  • Problems of students adaptation to the university studies.
  • Media design.



A number of joint research projects with leading universities in Russia, Europe, America and China are implemented in the IIEP.


The Institute is preparing a scientific teaching and research staff as part of postgraduate education in the form of post-graduate, doctoral and internship programs in the following fields:


  • "Information-measuring and control system (industry)" (05.11.16).
  • "System analysis, management and information processing" (by industry) (05.13.01).
  • "Elements and devices of computers and control systems" (05.13.05).
  • "Automation and control of technological processes and production (by industry)" (05.13.06).
  • “Mathematical supply and software of computers, systems and computer networks" (05.13.11).
  • "Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software" (05.13.18).
  • "Metallurgy of ferrous, nonferrous and rare metals" (05.16.02).
  • "Theory and methods of professional education" (13.00.08).
  • "Theory of politics, history and methodology of political science" (23.00.01). 



Dissertation Council D212.229.28 (chairman prof. Vladimir Kozlov) accepts thesis for academic degrees of PhD and DSc, specialty 13.00.08 "Theory and Methods of Professional Education" (teaching science).