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Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP) - one of the strustiral unit of SPbSPU, founded in 1996 on the basis of the University's Preparatory Department for international students as a comprehensive academic institution to adapt international experience in higher education, design and provide international education programs either for Russian or international students. 


IIEP activities and guidelines are:

  • organization of highly skilled personnel training for Russia and foreign countries according to the international integration process
  • international educational programs and projects development and coordination
  • foreign students and postgraduates teaching technologies development, including the Russian language teaching technologies
  • coordination and development of SPbSPU international cooperation in the sphere of education, professional interaction with the SPbSPU faculties carrying out international, scientific and educational activities
  • training activities of innovative educational technologies and new educational programs based on international experience implementation.


Each student who performs high academic results has the opportunity to participate in IIEP study abroad programs. IIEP departments organize international programs together with partner universities from Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, China, Japan, USA etc.


Collaboration with the partner universities on joint international program organization is carried out in the following forms:
» training in the partner university for a period of 2 weeks up to 1 semester
» organization of distance and full-time lectures of academics from the international partner Universities
» carrying out joint workshops, conferences, exhibitions etc.





The International Complex includes the following units which provide coordination and development of international activities, international programs and projects and international marketing: