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Module "Graphic Design and Visual Communications"  


July 08 – July 19, 2013





  • Take out students from usual context of understanding media
  • Shape new understanding of print media, visual communication and regional branding basics
  • Teach how to produce visual forms and images from ordinary things observing
  • Show how to transform real hard work into joy



The course is based on the idea of understanding graphic design as a tool of creation continuous emotion process between customer and client, organization and person. In this case graphics and images are not just final purpose but only a stage in producing Message. Up-to-date communication theories grew out of most influential post-modern philosopher and sociologists such as Umberto Eco, Marshall McLuhan, Jean Baudrillard, Roland Barthes, Yuri Lotman and others. However there is still a chasm between semiotic studies and real graphic design practice. We intend to fill this gap. Our main design project will deal with the concept of regional branding in one of the most incentive city – St. Petersburg.



Teaching and learning methods

  • Lections – history and applied theory of graphic design and visual communication
  • Workshops – professional projects detailed analysis
  • Independent work – be laborious and hard-working
  • Open air work – getting out classrooms to deal with nature, landscapes and buildings of St. Petersburg by means of your hands, eyes, sketchbooks and photo cameras




  • Basic or intermediate skill in graphic design (corporate identity, infographics, advertising)
  • Basic skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (any CS version)
  • Laptop with installed Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and any font manager
  • Any digital photo camera
  • Sketchbook, colored pens and pencils




ECTS Credits: 3

Assessment: Design Project

Participation fee: 410 Euro


Deadline for applications:

April 15 (for non-EU citizens)

May 15 (for EU citizens and citizens of visa-free countries)


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The academic module is coordinated by the Department of International Educational Programs.
[email protected]