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The delegation of Zhejiang University (P.R.China) visited SPbSPU


From 18 till 22 December 2013, an introduction practical training was organized at SPbSPU for group of PhD students of Zhejiang University, P.R.China. PhD students were accompanied by Vice Chancellor Professor Ren Shaobo and staff members of Graduate School of Zhejiang University.


The group consisted of PhD students of College of Media and International Culture, College of Economics, School of Public Administration, Department of Energy Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, College of Computer Science and Technology.


Such PhD study tours for exploring the institutes of our university have become traditional. They are organized annually since 2010.


During the group's stay at SPbSPU, Vice Chancellor Professor Ren Shaobo met with Vice-Rector for International Relations Prof. Dmitry Arseniev, the negotiations have been attended by representatives of international departments of SPbSPU.


The parties expressed their interest in further development of cooperation between our universities. Summer schools for students and introduction of practical trainings for PhD students of Zhejiang University organized by SPbSPU have been supported at a senior level of both universities.


Our universities have been cooperating successfully since 2004. Zhejiang University has a leading position in the global ranking of universities (165 in QS 2013/2014). Our University has started a program to improve the international competitiveness (“Program 5-100-2020”).


The potentials of the universities allow moving to a new level of cooperation. St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University has initiated establishment of a Strategic Partnership Agreement. The potential areas of research cooperation are mechanical engineering, material science, information technology, construction, regional studies.


The parties are interested in developing such forms of cooperation as staff exchange for lecturers, organization of joint research workshops, internships for young scientists, development and implementation of Master degree programs and PhD programs, semester exchange programs, summer and winter schools and cultural exchanges.


Dmitry Arseniev delivered a letter addressed to the President of Zhejiang University with an invitation to visit St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University in spring of 2014 with the aim to sign a strategic partnership agreement and to consider a plan of cooperation.

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