St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Institute of International Educational Programs


                                    Frequently asked questions



№ 1:


Q.:  Is SPbSPU a state or a private university?

A.:  St-Petersburg State Polytechnical University during its whole 110-years history has been a state university, at the present moment SPbSPU is a State educational institution of higher professional education (License Series A № 000831 of May 26, 2003, Registration number №0821, granted by the Ministry of Education valid up to August 26, 2008, State-accredited Certification of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science Series B № 00245 of October 28, 2004, Registration № 1685 valid up to August 9, 2008)



№ 2:

Q.:  Are foreign citizens allowed to study in SPbSPU by correspondence?

A.:  Yes, foreign citizens allowed to study in SPbSPU by correspondence at the following Faculties: 

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering; 
  • Electrical Engineering Faculty; 
  • Power Engineering Faculty; 
  • Mechanical Engineering Faculty; 
  • Faculty of Computer Science; 
  • Faculty of Materials Science and Technology; 
  • Faculty of Radiophysical Science and Engineering; 
  • Faculty of Law; 
  • Faculty of Management and Information Technology.


№ 3:

Q.:  What are the tuition fees for the foreign citizens in SPbSPU?

A.:  Tuition fees for the foreign citizens for the educational programs offered by SPbSPU, are given in the brochure that can be downloaded at the following link
In our web-site you can also find the mentioned brochure in English and in Chinese languages.



№ 4:

Q.:   Are there any tuition fees discounts for the foreign citizens?

A.:  Yes, SPbSPU offers the following tuition fees discount system:

  • 10% discount from tuition fees for SPbSPU (Leningrad Polytechnic) graduates of all types of programs, their children and grandchildren;
  • 15% discount from tuition fees for SPbSPU (Leningrad Polytechnic) graduates with the first-class honor degrees.



№ 5:

Q.: Is it necessary to make the translation of educational documents into Russian language in the country of citizenship before arrival to Russia? 

A.:  No, educational documents should be translated into Russian language in Russia and the translation should be notarially attested. Documents, translated into Russian language outside Russia, are not accepted in SPbSPU.




№ 6:

Q.:  What is the average students’ group size at the Pre-University Foundation? 

A.: The maximum size of the students’ group at the Pre-University Foundation is 10 persons.




№ 7:

Q.:  What is the language of instruction at the SPbSPU Faculties?

  In the majority of Faculties the language of instruction is Russian. But there are several programs where conducted in English language:

  • International Master Degree Program “Intelligent systems”;
  • International Master Double Degree Program “Informatics and Computer Science” developed by IIEP SPbSPU and City University, London in the framework of British-Russian Project “BRIDGE” (British Degrees in Russia);
  • International Master Degree Program “ Mathematical modelling of mechanical systems” (several disciplines are taught in English language).


№ 8:

Q.:  Are all the foreign students provided with accommodation in the SPbSPU students hostel?

  If necessary, all the students are provided with accommodation in the SPbSPU hostel. But in case the candidate’s application is made after the SPbSPU admission deadline he/she might be refused to be offered accommodation.




№ 9:

Q.:  What is required for admission to SPbSPU for a foreign citizen who has already studied in another University for some period of time?

A.:  In that case the foreign citizen should bring with him to SPbSPU the following documents:

  • Academic transcript for the whole period of studies in another University;
  • His/her students’ record-book; 
  • Curriculum of the program he/she has been studying at for the whole period of studies.

Comparison of the curricula is made by the SPbSPU Faculty elected by the student. If academic liabilities are not more than four disciplines, it is possible to be admitted to SPbSPU without repeating the years of study.




№ 10: 

Q.:  Is it possible that the foreign students pay tuition and accommodation fees in parts?

A.: Yes, tuition and accommodation fees can be paid once a year or once a semester by the dates fixed by SPbSPU administration (before the beginning of the year/semester).




№ 11:

Q.:  What are the advantages of the Pre-University Foundation of SPbSPU for the foreign citizens?

A.:  SPbSPU is one of the Universities of Russian Federation that are authorized to organize the Pre-University Preparatory Programs for the foreign citizens and to issue state approved certificates (in St-Petersburg only 2 universities are authorized to issue such certificates). Upon successful completion of the program the students have a right to apply for admission to any university of Russian Federation. For the students of SPbSPU the final Pre-University Foundation examination results are recognized as the entrance examination results to all the SPbSPU Faculties.




№ 12:

Q.: Can a candidate be admitted to the SPbSPU degree programs after graduation from a 9-years school (incomplete secondary education)?

  No, the candidate can be admitted to the SPbSPU only in case he/she has a testimonial from the high secondary school or the documents recognized as equivalent to it.




№ 13:

Q.:  Are the foreign students allowed to combine study process with work?

A.: The status of a foreign student in the territory of the Russian Federation doesn’t presuppose his/her employment.




№ 14:

Q.: Can the foreign candidates send their applications to the SPbSPU in electronic form?

A.: Yes, the applications can be sent in electronic form. You can find contact e-mails and fax numbers in the pages of this web-site dedicated to the programs you are interested in.




№ 15:


Q.:  What is the status of the candidates who graduated from an educational institution in the Russian Federation, in the CIS or in the countries of the Baltic region and in the present time are the citizens of one of the Far Foreign Countries?

A.: All the categories of candidates mentioned above upon applying to the SPbSPU have the status of “foreign citizens”.




№ 16:


Q.:  Do foreign students study in separate groups or together with the Russian students?

A.:  Forming of groups is organized in the following way:

  • In the Pre-University Foundation foreign students study in separate groups; 
  • In the majority of SPbSPU Faculties foreign students study in mixed groups with the Russian students; 
  • In the frame of special interfaculty programs IIEP-Faculty Computer Science, IIEP-Faculty of Radiophysical Science and Engineering, IIEP-Faculty of Civil Engineering foreign students during the first two academic years study separately, and in the next academic years – in the mixed groups with the Russian students.

№ 17:


Q.:  Does the SPbSPU provide the foreign citizens with invitation?

A.: Yes, for those foreign citizens who are admitted to the SPbSPU educational programs invitation is issued. With this invitation the candidate should apply for the entrance study visa in the Russian Consulate.