St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Institute of International Educational Programs




The Russian Language Study Programs are designed for various target groups such as students who would like to continue studies in higher education institutions or studying Russian as one of disciplines as well as for short term training for businessmen and professionals.


The programs are open to groups of students as well as to individuals. The University takes into account students professional interests and it is possible to design a special program according to them.



1. Programs designed by the Center of Russian Language and Literature:


Duration: 3,5 months in fall and spring semester

Beginning of studies: repeated annually on September and February

Language of instruction: Russian, English

Workload: the courses include 12 h. of Russian language per week and 8 special courses per semester

Training methods: lectures, case studies, field trips

Participants: foreign applicants, interested in Russian language and civilization


Courses include:

  • Russian language and special courses on history of Russian Civilization (taught in English):
    • Literature (classic and modern)
    • History of Russia
    • Political Science
    • History of Russian Art
  • Contemporary History of Russia:
    • The Communist Phase
    • The Russian Orthodox Church
    • St. Petersburg’s Role in Russian History and Culture.


The special courses are available if there are at least 10 students to attend them.
It is also possible to study Russian language in summer time (Summer language school).


Duration of the program: 5 weeks.

Program includes: Russian language studies, acquaintance with Saint-Petersburg, Russian history and culture.

SPbSPU Russian Language Study Programs are validated and recognized by many USA Universities and can be a part of inclusive course.


2. Programs designed by the Russian language department



Russian language studies within the Pre-University Foundation. Program includes:

  • acquaintance with the Russian language system;
  • linguistic features of scientific speech style;
  • reading, speaking, understanding and writing skills;
  • communication skills for different environments (learning, sociocultural, professional) ;
  • group and individual studies,

Studies are held in: lecture-halls; lingaphone cabinets, video- and computer classes. Self-studies are held under professor’s control.


Specialized Russian language programs which include:

  • Contemporary Russian literary language;
  • Mass media language;
  • Basic theory of translation;
  • Russian language for guides;
  • Russian culture;
  • Russian art;
  • Russian literature.


Professional development for philology professors.


The course “Methods of teaching foreign students the Russian language within the Pre-University Foundation”. The course includes: lections, consultations, masterclasses of the leading specialists in the sphere of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

SPbSPU is authorized to carry out 1st, 2nd and 3rd level Russian language assessment tests for non-native speakers. Those who successfully pass the test obtain a relevant certificate.